Rhythm Lessons: Sight-Reading Rhythmic Patterns

This site contains 1200 rhythmic etudes. Being a bass player, I use such rhythmic patterns to develop inventive response to rhythms. Actually, it's not just for bassists or drummers. I heard some positive responses from guitar players but, in my opinion, any musician worth his salt should gain certain confidence and technique in playing and inventing rhythm patterns.

16/16 meter is widely used in progressive music, no matter funk or metal. Metres like 12/16 or 28/16 are less common but feel free to try them out - just for practice's sake.

Each excercise is available as a MIDI file. Tempos vary between 90 and 125 BPM. The main rhythm is played by a bass-drum. Hi-hat plays straight fourths. Handclap stresses the first beat of each bar. MIDI-files of that kind can be used as a replacement for metronome when playing scales, arpeggios, improvised riffs and melodies. Concentrate on the rhythm pattern you're hearing and play whatever you like. Practise until you become a rhythm-robot!

Last updated: 05-08-2007
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